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Section No. 133 : Provisions relating to officers and employees

Sub Section Details
The State Government may, by a transfer scheme, provide for the transfer of the officers and employees to the transferee on the vesting of properties, rights and liabilities in such transferee as provided under Section 131.
Upon such transfer under the transfer scheme, the personnel shall hold office or service under the transferee on such terms and conditions as may be determined in accordance with the transfer scheme: Provided that such terms and conditions on the transfer shall not in any way be less favourable than those which would have been applicable to them if there had been no such transfer under the transfer scheme: Provided further that the transfer can be provisional for a stipulated period. Explanation. - For the purposes of this section and the transfer scheme, the expression "officers and employees" shall mean all officers and employees who on the date specified in the scheme are the officers and employees of the Board or transferor, as the case may be.