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Section No. 160 : Protection of telegraphic, telephonic and electric signalling lines

Sub Section Details
Every person generating, transmitting, distributing, supplying or using electricity (hereinafter in this section referred to as the "operator") shall take all reasonable precautions in constructing, laying down and placing his electric lines, electrical plant and other works and in working his system, so as not injuriously to affect, whether by induction or otherwise, the working of any wire or line used for the purpose of telegraphic, telephone or electric signalling communication, or the currents in such wire or line.
Where any difference or dispute arises between the operator, and the telegraph authority as to whether the operator has constructed, laid down or placed his electric lines, electrical plant or other works, or worked his system, in contravention of sub-section (1), or as to whether the working of any wire, line or current is or is not injuriously affected thereby, the matter shall be referred to the Central Government and the Central Government, unless it is of opinion that the wire or line has been placed in unreasonable proximity to the electric lines, electrical plant or works of the operator after the construction of such lines, plant or works, may direct the operator to make such alterations in, or additions to, his system as may be necessary in order to comply with the provisions of this section, and the operator shall make such alterations or additions accordingly: Provided that nothing in this sub-section shall apply to the repair, renewal or amendment of any electric line or electrical plant so long as the course of the electric line or electrical plant and the amount and nature of the electricity transmitted thereby are not altered.
Where the operator makes default in complying with the requirements of this section, he shall make full compensation for any loss or damage incurred by reason thereof, and, where any difference or dispute arises as to the amount of such compensation, the matter shall be determined by arbitration. Explanation. - For the purposes of this section, a telegraph line shall be deemed to be injuriously affected if telegraphic, telephonic or electric signalling communication by means of such line is, whether through induction or otherwise, prejudicially interfered with by an electric line , electrical plant or other work or by any use made thereof.