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Section No. 69 : Notice to telegraph authority

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A licensee shall, before laying down or placing, within ten meters of any telegraph line, electric line, electrical plant or other works, not being either service lines, or electric lines or electrical plant, for the repair, renewal or amendment of existing works of which the character or position is not to be altered,- (a) submit a proposal in case of a new installation to an authority to be designated by the Central Government and such authority shall take a decision on the proposal within thirty days; (b) give not less than ten days' notice in writing to the telegraph authority in case of repair, renewal or amendment or existing works , specifying- (i) the course of the works or alterations proposed ; (ii) the manner in which the works are to be utilised ; (iii) the amount and nature of the electricity to be transmitted; (iv) the extent to, and the manner in which (if at all), earth returns are to be used , and the licensee shall conform to such reasonable requirements, either general or special, as may be laid down by the telegraph authority within that period for preventing any telegraph line from being injuriously affected by such works or alterations: Provided that in case of emergency (which shall be stated by the licensee in writing to the telegraph authority) arising from defects in any of the electric lines or electrical plant or other works of the licensee, the licensee shall be required to give only such notice as may be possible after the necessity for the proposed new works or alterations has arisen.
Where the works of the laying or placing of any service line is to be executed the licensee shall, not less than forty-eight hours before commencing the work, serve upon the telegraph authority a notice in writing of his intention to execute such works.