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JUN 01 2015

CERC invites comments on Draft Regulations for Forecasting, Scheduling & Imbalance Handling for RE Generating Stations based on wind and solar at Inter-State Level along with draft amendments to the enabling provisions in relevant regulations

  • Economic Times, ET Bureau / Hyderabad
  • Created: Mon 01st JUN 2015

CERC has issued the Draft Framework on “Forecasting, Scheduling & Imbalance Handling for Renewable Energy (RE) Generating Stations based on wind and solar at Inter - State Level” along with draft amendments to the enabling provisions contained in (i) CERC (Indian Electricity Grid Code) Regulations, (ii) CERC (Deviation Settlement Mechanism and related matters) Regulations and (iii) CERC (Terms and Conditions for recognition and issuance of REC for RE Generation) Regulations.

Presently, almost all of the RE capacity that is grid connected is at the sub - transmission level within the States. By the end of the 12 th Plan, the RE installed capacit y is expected to increase to about 46,000 MW of Wind and about 10,000 MW of Solar (Green Energy Corridor Report). Further, large Solar generation capacity addition to the tune of 20,000 MW and more is expected by 2019 and this would comprise of large Solar Parks of 500 MW and Ultra Mega Solar Projects of 4000 MW (Recent decisions of the Union Cabinet, Dec 2014)

With rapid growth in Solar & Wind capacities, grid integration of infirm renewable energy sources is a major challenge facing the sector today. As a step towards facilitating integration of infirm renewable energy sources like wind and solar generation in the grid, a framework on “Forecasting, Scheduling & Imbalance Handling for Renewable Energy (RE) Generating Stations based on wind and solar at Inter-State Level” along with draft amendments to the enabling provisions in related regulations has been prepared by CERC and made public for wider consultation. CERC has invited comments/feedbacks over the same by 9th June 2015. A public hearing on the above and the Ancillary Services Regulation has been scheduled on 12th June 2015 at CERC. Some of the proposed ideas are as follows:

  • Renewable Energy Management Centers (REMCs) are being established and these would be equipped with advanced forecasting tools. The wind/solar energy generator may choose to utilize its own forecast or the forecast given by REMC/ concerned RLDC. However, any commercial impact on account of scheduling based on the forecast would be borne by the wind/solar energy generator. It would also be prudent to have multiple forecast providers (both for REMC /RLDC & wind/solar energy generators) for better confidence levels/lower forecast errors.
  • The wind/solar generators at the inter - state level whose scheduling is done by the RLDCs, would be scheduled like any other generator and would be paid as per scheduled generation and not actual generation. Considering the fact that wind/solar generation is intermittent and variable in nature and also taking into account the fact that accuracy of forecast improves as we move close r in time, the wind/solar energy generator would be allowed more opportunities to revise the schedule. There may be a maximum of 16 revisions for each fixed one and half hour time slot starting from 00:00 hours during the day (as against 8 revisions currently allowed as per IEGC 2010).
  • The wind/solar energy generators may transact power through long - term, medium - term and short - term trades. Some of the wind/solar energy generators may also transact power through short term trades. Revisions are allowed for bilateral transactions but no revision of trades discovered through collective transactions in the Power Exchange(s) is possible.


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