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JAN 13 2017

GERC notified the Draft Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (Forecasting, Scheduling, Deviation Settlement and Related Matters of Solar and Wind Generation Sources) Regulations, 2017

  • Economic Times, ET Bureau / Hyderabad
  • Created: Fri 13th JAN 2017


These regulations shall apply to all wind and solar generators connected to the State grid, including those connected via pooling stations, and selling generated power within or outside the State or consuming power generated for self-consumption.

These Regulations provides methodology for day-ahead scheduling of wind and solar energy generator(s) which are connected to the State grid, and re-scheduling them on one and half hourly basis, for wind energy (16 intraday revisions) and solar energy (8 intraday revisions) based generation and the methodology of handling deviations of such wind and solar energy generators.

Forecasting shall be done by wind and solar generators connected to the State grid, or by QCAs (Qualified Coordinating Agencies) on their behalf. The Gujarat SLDC is also mandated to undertake forecasting of wind and solar power that is expected to be injected into the State grid. The QCA or the wind and solar generator shall submit a” Day-Ahead” and a “Three-Day Ahead” schedule by 10 AM every day for each pooling station or each generating station.

In the event of actual generation of a wind generating station or a pooling station commissioned prior to and after 30.1.2010 being less or more than the scheduled generation, the deviation charges for shortfall or excess generation shall be payable by the wind generator or the QCA, to the State DSM Pool, as given in Table – I and Table- II of the Draft Regulation. The deviation charges for the Solar generator is defined in the Table- III of the Draft Regulation. SLDC shall compute the deviation from schedule and compute the deviation charges payable/receivable for the distribution licensees / conventional generators/renewable generators in proportion to their respective deviation.




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