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JUN 12 2017

Frequent power cuts trip normal life in Tiruthuraipoondi

  • Economic Times, ET Bureau / Hyderabad
  • Created: Mon 12th JUN 2017

Frequent power cuts have been affecting the daily chores of residents of Tiruthuraipoondi for the past one month.

 A cross section of traders say that it was difficult to carry out their business as the power cuts were unscheduled.

 It lasted for at least 35 minutes every time, particularly in the evening. A number of tailors are the worst-hit, as their work comes to a grinding halt all of a sudden as the electric sewing machines cannot be operated for about an hour or so daily in the evening.

 One of the artisans involved in making pots and earthen wares said that he too was affected daily. As the earthen wares are being made using electrically-operated wheels, the frequent and prolonged cuts caused much disturbance.

 They said that additional sub-stations should be set up at Tiruthuraipoondi and surrounding areas. The distribution system should be channelised to cater to the needs of the consumers.



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