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AUG 23 2017

Tower companies can cut energy cost by 40 per cent using green technology

  • Economic Times, ET Bureau / Hyderabad
  • Created: Wed 23rd AUG 2017



Tower companies can see reduction of 30-40 per cent in energy cost with the adoption of green technologies which involves energy efficiency initiatives coupled with better storage solutions.

“Sites need to run 24x7 and due to lack of power supply one has to power the sites using diesel (DG power) but using green technologies, a lot of diesel gets eliminated from the system which is good for the environment,” said Indus Towers COO Tejinder Kalra in an ET Telecom webinar.

According to the data shared by Indus Towers, in 2011, 330,000 towers with tenancy ratio of 1.7 generated 12 million tonnes of CO2 where 58 per cent were grid sites and 42 per cent were diesel-run sites.

In 2017, 450,000 sites with a tenancy ratio of 1.9 generated 18 million tonnes of CO2 where 60 per cent were grid sites and 40 per cent were dieselrun sites. Therefore, going green is a necessity for the sector as energy costs constitutes almost 25 per cent of network opex for operators, as told by Kalra.

Indus Towers which uses a mix of EB grid and diesel to power its sites, has been able to increase the share of EB grid to 75 per cent in the FY16-17 from 55 per cent in FY11-12.

Simultaneously, it has been able to decrease the share of diesel from 45 per cent to 25 per cent during the same period. As claimed by Indus Towers, the company has been able to decrease 507 million KG carbon emission annually where it invested Rs 500 crore yearly on green initiatives.

The tower company now claims to have more than 48 per cent green sites with more than 67 per cent outdoor sites that are running without AC.

Kalra further said that due to the massive shift happening from voice-centric network to data-centric network, the cell sites are only expected to grow in future as the networks will get denser. Therefore, green technologies and solutions are the only way forward for sustainable telecom.


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