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MAY 31 2018

Fuel price hike: 60 paise to 1 paisa, petrol price cut sets social media on fire

  • Economic Times, ET Bureau / Hyderabad
  • Created: Thu 31st MAY 2018


From 'petrolled' to 'fuelonfire', social media users had a field day today with hash tags as petrol and diesel prices were cut by just one paisa, whereas the first announcement was a reduction of 60 paise.

Petrol and diesel prices have been sailing northwards for the past two weeks and today was the first time that the prices were cut. However, the quantum of reduction of one paisa opened the floodgates criticism on the social media.

Twitter was flooded with hash tags and messages about the price cut, making fun of the situation. '#petrolled', '#fuelonfire', '#petrolprice' and '#fuel' were among the hash tags trending on Twitter besides various memes.

One user posed a picture of long gone 5 paise coin, saying "My savings today after filling 5 litres of petrol". Another user said, "I am going to invest it in mutual funds now."

Politicians also took to the social media to take a dig at the price cut of one paisa. "Dear PM, You've cut the price of Petrol and Diesel today by 1 paisa. ONE paisa!?? If this is your idea of a prank, it's childish and in poor taste," Congress President Rahul Gandhi said in a tweet. "P.S. A ONE paisa cut is not a suitable response to the #FuelChallenge I threw you last week," he added.

A faux pas saw the initial announcement coming in that the prices have been cut by 60 paise while the quantum of reduction was only one paisa. "The reduction was supposed to be 1 paisa but due to a clerical error the price prevalent on May 25 was communicated as today's price," a senior official of Indian Oil Corp (IOC), the nation's largest fuel retailer, explained.


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