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Nov 25 2014

APTEL: APTEL directs KERC to revise Wind Tariff in Karnataka

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  • Created: Tue 25th Nov 2014

The Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (APTEL) has found calculation errors in the tariff defined by Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) for Wind generators, in its order dated 10.10.2013.

In a hearing of petition filed Indian Wind Power Association & Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturer’s Association, the tribunal has directed the state commission to re-determine the levellized tariff for useful life of the project.

The Appellants had earlier raised some issues regarding the determination of the tariff by KERC, and requested before the tribunal to direct the state commission to re-determine the tariff.

After hearing both the parties and their respondents and analyzing the facts, the tribunal found that the state commission has made some errors during computation of the tariff, and has thus directed the state commission to re-determine the wind tariff in the state within 3 months of the date of this order.

In our analysis the re-determination of the tariff will result in the little higher tariff compared to the current tariff of Rs. 4.20/unit.

Nov 21 2014

CERC: Injection of infirm power by Units 51, 52 and 53 of DGEN Mega Power Project (3 x 398.95 MW) till 30th Nov 2014

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  • Created: Fri 21th Nov 2014

A petition was filed by Torrent Energy Ltd (TEL), seeking permission of CERC for injection of infirm power into the grid during testing including full load testing beyond the period of 6 months from the date of first synchronization up to declaration of commercial operation of the Units 51, 52 and 53 of DGEN Mega Power Project (1196.85 MW) (3 x 398.95 MW).

The Commission in its order dated 10th Sep 2014 had allowed injection of infirm power from the Units of the project for testing including full load testing till 31st Oct 2014 or up to the declaration of Commercial operation of the respective units, whichever was earlier. TEL later submitted that it is not possible to achieve the COD by 31.10.2014 as just prior to start of last mile - stone of Performance Guarantee Test of Unit 53, a technical problem was detected in Low Pressure Steam Emergency Shut - Off Valve of Steam Turbine which need s to be replaced prior to start of performance guarantee test. The petitioner has submitted that COD is expected to be achieved by 30.11.2014.

After hearing the petitioner in detail and taking into consideration the technical problems faced by the petitioner in emergency shut - off valve of Steam Turbine which is to be procured from OEM in Germany, CERC opined that the time sought for procurement, replacement and then for performance test seems justified.

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